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Label Me Lindsay is a unique beauty experience. We are everything you can't get done at a typical beauty salon. Some of our services include: Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Tanning, Permanent Makeup, Classrooms, Peels and other esthetican services. Follow us on our journey of finding new ways to make everyone feel their very best and become part of the LML Family.

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To Make Reservations for any class please visit the LML Classroom Registration page.  All Classes are paid in full at time of reservation 48 Hour Cancellation to receive refund.


"Makeup 101: Intro To Makeup" $50

2 hour Basic Makeup lesson that will go over: What makeup to use, how to use it, what application tool options you have and how to use them, placement of makeup on face, warm vs. cool shades & pre-makeup skin care advice.

"Makeup 201:Intermediate Makeup" $40

(Makeup 101 Required before taking this class)
This is a 1 1/2 hour class makeup that goes in depth on all areas of the face. Much like the "Intro to Makeup" class, which is required before taking this class, it goes over makeup application from start to finish but goes more into color and more advanced techniques. 

"The Smokey Eye" $35

1 Hour of an intermediate eye make class. We will be going over how to do a smokey eye from "natural smokey" to "dramatic smokey". Where to place each color, how to blend and what different looks you can create.

"Intermediate Eyeliner" $30

45 Min Class on how to do different styles of eyeliner, with great tips and techniques for top and bottom liner. This is a step up from out "Intro to Makeup" and "Smokey Eye" classes. You can take your makeup from good to great with the right kind of eyeliner!!!

"Brows" $30

This is a 45 Min class on proper brow grooming, shaping and techniques on how to fill them in. Your eyebrow frames your face so if you know how to create the correct shape you will look finished and polished everyday.

"Teen Makeup" $35

This one hour mini-makeup that is a fun way to start thinking about introducing makeup into your daughters getting ready routine. "Teen Makeup" Class is a a way to start using makeup and learn some fun techniques that will not make them look "Too Old" for their age. This will go over basic tools, techniques and simple ways to do natural makeup. At some point your daughter is going to try to do her makeup so this is a great way to pave the way to makeup it in a positive way to insure she knows how to enhance her natural beauty. 

"Highlighting & Contouring" $30

This is a 45 Min Class on highlighting and contouring the face to create depth, shading, narrowing of the nose,  angling the face and jaw and creating brightness under eye and in other highlighted areas. These techniques will create a flawless youthful face just with use of makeup. 

"Vintage Makeup" $40

1 hour and 15 minute class. Retro style makeup is popular with many movie stars and singers. If you're into vintage clothing and style yourself, adopting retro style makeup will help finish off your look. But how do you get that vintage look? We will be going over tips and techniques that will help you achieve this look.

"Professional: Bridal Makeup 101" $250

This is a 2 hour and 45 minute professional class for students  looking to learn how to do makeup for brides. Great for hairstylist who are in the industry and want to add makeup to their list of services or others looking to start up in the beauty industry. Space is limited for this class. 3 Student Max. This is an introductory class. You will be doing makeup on models we provide and will learn about different bridal looks, what questions to ask, how to choose colors, basic contouring, how to apply lashes and more.

Hair Classes

"Intro to Hair: Curling & Teasing"  $35
1 Hour Basic Hair class for those who are ready to learn how to curl and tease! How to hold your curling iron, what styling tools are out there, how to create volume in your hair and great tips and tricks to do basic hair styles.

"Hair: Messy Buns & Braids" $35

"Intro to Hair: Curling & Teasing" Recommend to have taken before this class
This is an intermediate hair class that will go over fun braids and buns with other great ideas on how to style your hair. It is best if you have taken the curling and teasing class anytime before this class. You will get more out of it.

"Into to: Vintage Hair" $40

This Hour and 15 Minute class will teach you the look of vintage hair. This is an intermediate hair class that will go over basic vintage styles. If you love a retro look you will love learning how to make this Old Hollywood magic!

Skin Care Classes
(Free Classes)

"Age Smart w/ Dermalogica"
This class is designed for ages 30 and up to educate yourself on anti aging skin care and what you can do to help your skin look great as you age.
Firm to smooth away the signs of skin aging. Control aging triggers before they start.

"Teen: Clear Start"

This class is an introduction to skin care for Teens and "Tween". This is a fun way to start young women on a healthy way to clear skin. 

With any class.... bring your makeup and/or tools from home to learn how to better use them. We do provide use of makeup, brushes and styling tools in class but always suggest you learn with what you have first:) You will be more successful that way. We do leave time in classes for questions:)

Refreshments will be provided!

To Sign up Please visit LML Classroom Registration to Pay for Class